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SBS Technology Solutions Sdn Bhd will undertake the marketing of OEM base systems and technology in the Transport Industry (Land, Rail, Aviation) and Oil & Gas.

Business Turn Around Management
Transformation & Change Management
Mergers & Acquisition
Post Deal Value Creation
Strategic Brand Management
Strategic Blue Print for Listing

About Me


The founder and CEO of SBS, Syahrunizam Samsudin, has more then 16 years experience serving in large private and public companies dealing with strategic issues which shape the growth and development of these companies in the future.

As a young thought leader he has been involved in both domestic and international forums speaking on transformation, change management and strategic thinking.

He has worked around the world with world class partners allowing him a unique opportunity to bring both European and American management style to the Malaysian shores. He is an advocate of business transparency and youth innovation and intends to create a social media initiative to bring both elements together to create a new generation of business leaders.

He is a graduate of Accounting and Law from the Australian National University and a graduate member of the Harvard Business School in 2005. He currently holds an honorary Commander in PSS TLDM for his continued contribution to the Royal Malaysian Navy.

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Can an entrepreneur be less of a manager and more of a dreamer

This is indeed a conundrum faced by many would be entrepreneur’s, i.e., to strike the right balance between generating new ideas and opportunities and effectively managing the outcomes. In today’s complex business environment, an entrepreneur needs to work in multi-dimensional context sniffing opportunities on the go and yet still have the skill set and governance […]

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The lost art of communications…

I sometimes wonder if statements in the press made my politicians, businessmen and other social media commentators have actually been pre-rehearsed or at least something that was clearly thought out before it is made? Can we afford to say the wrong things in the media and get away with it when millions of social media […]

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The changing business landscape of Malaysia

The newspaper these days makes for uncomfortable reading as a Malaysian. For many years now we have taken our freedom and liberties for granted and above all our right to lead a peaceful existence domestically and even regionally has come under threat. Domestically, the occurrences of violent crimes have become more than just random events. […]

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